Available accommodations

Electricity, heating, internet connection, warm water, tap water with drinking quality and furniture’s are included in the rent. Note that there are Unfurnished rooms also. These rooms are marked with “Unfurnished room”. In order to get more detailed information about the room go to “Show details” and there you can press “Respond” in order to apply for that room. You can only apply for three rooms at a time.

Rooms from autumn 2023

If you are looking for a room for the upcoming autumn semester of 2023 and haven’t received your admission notice yet, then you can still make a user on the website in order to collect queue points for the upcoming rooms.

It will be possible to register your interest in student rooms and apartments during the following dates:

2023-06-12 to 2023-06-18 (at least 20 spaces)
2023-07-12 to 2023-07-22 (at least 30 spaces)

In order to register your interest in a student room you must be registered in our housing queue. Register to our housing queue here >

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